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Very Real! (red review)

I am sober, but miss the taste of red wine. A lot of alcohol-free reds taste like juice, but this definitely smelled and tasted like actual wine. Of course, it's missing the alcohol - so expect to taste something "missing" - but I would say Sapiens is the realest red wine flavor I've tried of non-alcoholic reds.

Mixed Pack
Renee M Rhoads

Finally, a perfect alcohol free wine!

Love the Sparkling Rose

Tastes great! We love it and are ordering more

Preggos Rejoice!

This is, by far, the best alternative to wine (or any alcoholic beverage) that I've tried. I'm pregnant and most NA beverages still have a alcohol at .5%. I feel safe drinking something that's 0.0. This wine actually smells like Rose on the nose - It starts off dry and has a slightly sweeter aftertaste. It's *super* pricey, but I guess they feel they can charge a premium?

Dealcoholized Red
David Stuva
Non-alcohol Red Wine

By far the best non alcohol red wine I have found so far!

Dealcoholized Red
Lauren Scheer
Definitely worth it!

I’ve just started my n/a wine journey but will definitely be buying Sapiens again!

Very good

I really enjoyed this sparkling rose. Wish my hubby didn’t like it too so there was more for me lol

Mixed Pack
Tara Dutka
Good and bad

The rose was great. Indistinguishable to me from a regular rose and tasty. The red was gross. It tasted like when you've had a good bottle of red open for a week or more and it begins to go off. I'm going to see if I can salvage things by using it to make sangria, but I couldn't make myself drink more than one cup.

Such a Treat!

This was so delicious! My husband and mother in law loved it too for Mothers day brunch. Felt like I was having a fancy drink without the hangover. Thank you for the option!

Mixed Pack
Heather Weltin

Mixed Pack

Mixed Pack
sarah nelson
Prego mama approved!

So happy I took the leap and bought this stuff!! I loved the rose! Crisp flirty and really good. So satisfying! The red was great, a bit on the sweet side but I truly think it’s the best alternative out there if your avoiding alcohol. Will for sure purchase again- highly recommend.

Mixed Pack
Amy Elizabeth Soto-Shed
Tastes like the real thing!!!

I tried the red & the Rosé, and I couldn’t believe how close to the real thing both tasted!!!! Love them both.

Mixed Pack
Suzanne Ernst
Love the rose

Love the rose! Crisp and refreshing. So nice to be able to enjoy a glass of non alcoholic wine that pairs nicely with a nice dinner.
The red was decent but it’s the rose I’ll be buying again.

Review of Sapiens' Bubbly Rosé and Sapiens Beverage Company

The Bubbly Rosé is refreshing and pairs well with almost everything I have tried. The absence of alcohol actually seems to enhance the flavor on one’s taste buds, and does stimulate one’s appetite.

The cork does require a special cork remover that one can purchase on line, but that is a one-time minor inconvenience.

The logistics and delivery arm of Sapiens Beverage Company seems to be well -run and very efficient. Receipt of my orders have always been confirmed within minutes, the product is usually shipped within 24 hours, and is delivered usually within a day or two.

A very well-run company that sells a delicious product for a reasonable price.

My Go-to Alcohol Free Wine

I have tried several brands of de-alcoholized wine and found that this is the best. It has body and flavor. My only issue is the cost. It is very expensive compared to other brands. I still feel it is worth it though.

Dealcoholized Red
Diane Guajardo

Dealcoholized Red

Hands down the best NA sparkling rose!!

The only NA sparkling that actually tastes like rose and not like grape juice. This is my favorite NA drink. It feels like a treat every time I sip it. Low in calories too!

Party Bundle
Christina Feinberg
Pregnant winos dream

The rose is so good! Really hits the spot when you’re not able to drink alcohol. I wasn’t a fan of the red, I personally like a full bodied cab and this red is very watery and sweet. But I would absolutely recommend the sparkling rose. I’ve already bought 4 more bottles.

Great taste and quality

Love this product. Tastes authentic and packaging is lovely. My biggest problem is that you can’t just go buy it at a store or get it from Amazon and shipping takes forever...


It was a perfect replacement for my typical rose now that I am pregnant. I loved that it didn’t taste like juice (like some other companies). It actually had a slight dryness to it!


I love this so much. The flavor is fantastic!

Dealcoholized Sparkling Rosé

Just what I was looking for!

I am pregnant and am dearly missing my nightly glass of wine. Finally (!) here is a glass that tastes like wine, is dry like wine, and is 0.0% alcohol. Definitely something to savor with the price point, but I’m so happy to have found this!


The Sparkling Rose’ is delicious! I was very skeptical because of the price but decided to try it anyway. I’m so glad that I did! This is the best AF wine that I have tasted! I would definitely buy this again!

Dealcoholized Sparkling Rosé
stephanie zaccario
Too sweet

Too sweet and too costly for what it is