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Dealcoholized Red
Mary Alice Lee

Good wine! Timely delivery!


Tried the Rose' for the holiday everyone was amazed at how great it tasted. Not too sweet very much like a good champagne. I'm going to reorder for the upcoming holidays.

Dealcoholized Red
Surprisingly good!

My fiance and I are doing "Dry November" and I purchased several non alcoholic wine brands to figure out what I liked and could actually stick with. This brand is my favorite and the red was NOT horrible. It gave me the wine mouth feel and wasn't made up of just juice (Like another brand).

Party Bundle
Tracie Taylor
Baby shower Gift

The pregnant guest and the guest of honor loved the red. I had people come up and ask the name of the wine again, I put the arose in a pamper basket for the mom. I will be purchasing more for Christmas

Awesome taste

So good my husband who drinks alcohol said to me he might convert to being a non alcohol drinker👍🏻

Dealcoholized Red
Barry Lites
Sparkling Rose is best of all

Been collecting wine since 1993. Recently stopped in advance of an upcoming surgery. Have tired of mocktails so tried the Sapien red and sparkling rose. Good news: the rose was fruity, bubbly, a little too sweet but very enjoyable. Bad news: the red is not drinkable - sour, vinegar taste. Stick with the rose even though, at $38, its pricey.

Dealcoholized Red
Sean Viscount
Can’t get over the vinegar taste

It’s not bad, I think it could work for me as a second glass of wine after an actual glass but I’m having trouble getting over the vinegar/ balsamic vinegar taste

Best non alcoholic rose bubles

I loved this stuff. It taste like the real thing. It is crisp and a hint os of sweetness but not too sweet. It so wonderful to have so many alcohol free beverages these days compared to several years ago.

Dealcoholized Red
Shaw Morris
Pretty good, but $

I enjoyed the dealcoholized red. I would order more but it’s just so expensive!

Mixed Pack

I am a wine connoisseur but I am also a health conscious athlete and try to limit alcohol intake for sports performance reasons. I like to have a bottle on weekends and I don't mind paying $$$ for a good bottle of Cab on special occasions (birthday, Holidays, etc.).
The sapiens wines were pretty good although the red felt a little watery. No headache, which I definitely get with cheap (<20$) reds. No impact on performance. Probably a little pricey for a weekend bottle so I am exploring other 0% options at this time. Might buy again if said options are not as good.

Dealcoholized Red
Natosha Smith

Light enough that it goes with everything I eat but it has a medium mouthfeel. I've also enjoyed the Rose.

As a non-drinker it is a great bubbly alternative that isn't fruit juice like all the others!

Mixed Pack
Dawn Davis
Not my speed

I liked the rose' but the red wine was thin and uninteresting. I wish I had enjoyed it more!

Dealcoholized Sparkling Rosé

Mixed Pack
Nicole Witcher
Rosé is better

I think the bubbles make the rosé better. I didn’t enjoy the red. It had a weird after taste. But the rosé is great. It’s refreshing, and feels just like an alcoholic drink. I would buy the rosé again and again.

Mixed Pack
Rachel Carr
Wonder rose

I absolutely love the bubbly rose. The taste is spot on and not too sweet. I love bold flavorful reds. This red was a bit of a let down. Tasted a bit like a combination of vinegar and grape juice. Just not for me, especially given the price. I’ll likely use it to cook.

Mixed Pack
Melanie Wergin
Rosè is very good

I would give the Rosè 5 stars, but I give your Cabernet a zero - it was very sweet and seemed to be watered down? I will definitely order the Rosè again.

Dealcoholized Red
Marsha Christoffel
Red Wine

Love the red wine. Had to figure ways I could give up alcohol but enjoy the taste. This wine gives me that enjoyment.

Love it

Tastes like real wine!

I love this refreshing sparkling rose! I was pleasantly surprised to find that it tastes just like the real thing, minus the buzz! Perfect for any time you want to enjoy a “grown-up” beverage, with zero side effects.

Mixed Pack
Olivia Grace
Very very very sweet

These weren't awful if you don't mind very sweet wine-ish tasting drinks. The sparkling rosé was better than the red, it tasted like a moscato, but both were very very sweet, compared to other NA wines I've tried.

Excellent but expensive beverage

I've tried many non-alcoholic beverages and have found Sapiens Dealcoholized Rose the best of all. At $38 per bottle, it's very expensive as a daily or social substitute.

Faux Red

I think the taste is fine but it is so fizzy - most reds I drink are very smooth….but the actual teste is not bad., I almost want to put it on ice

Absolutely Delicious!!

I simply cannot wait to order my next box of this fine dealcoholized wine!! Tastes just rosé yet without the ugly morning hangover and low in calories. So yummy!

Mixed Pack
Katy Dolan

Loved. Both!! The sparkling rose was fabulous. The price for the bottles is what concerns me. Cannot order it regularly as I would like to.