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Dealcoholized Sparkling Rosé Mini

Perfect for BYOB

This wine is super fun! I appreciate that it is 100% alcohol free unlike other non-alcoholic options.

Not juice

I'm excited to have a drink option that isn't juice. This is a very light body wine but with 0.0% alcohol! Other brands have small amounts (under 0.5%) which is still unacceptable for my condition.

it was good and bubbly but a bit sweet:)

The red isn’t my favorite

The red to me is a little thin. The Rosé though is amazing!

I've never drank alcoholic rose

But this is what I imagine it tastes like. Delicious!

Perfectly balanced & bubbly

I love this NA sparkling rose and I will definitely be ordering more and recommending to friends who don't drink! I was a big rose drinker before I got sober and I've tried all of the NA roses out there and this one is the absolute best.


The best NA wine out there!

I’ve been drinking NA wine for a while while undergoing fertility treatments and have tried lots of brands, some ok, some bad, some awful! They all still had some small amount of alcohol in them and now that I’m pregnant I wanted to try a completely alcohol free wine so ordered Sapiens. I was blown away, this is by far the best one I’ve tried and I immediately ordered more before finishing my first glass! It’s pricier than a lot of other options but worth it.

The Closest to the Real Thing!

It's delicious & closest to the real thing that i've found. I just wish it didn't cost a fortune!

Very pretty!

It was a lovely drink! Definitely recommend adding berries to it

Not worth the $ for the tiny bottles

The product is great, the value is not.


I really love these mini bottles. They are the perfect size for a treat!

A Seamless Process

Everything from ordering, shipping, to deliver has been easy and fast. I appreciate the personalized email thanking me for being customer and what I would like to see in the future. The wine itself is the closest to the real thing I have had. It is pricey, but worth it if you want to actually be drinking something similar to wine.

Love it. ❤️

So good!

I really loved the Sapiens Sparkling Rose' I actually need to get some more ASAP.
The flavor and carbonation is so good, it's almost too drinkable, I finished it so fast!!

Not my favorite

I’ll start by saying I’m a huge fan of the rosè but I wasn’t a fan of the red. It was a bit too sweet for my taste and reminded me of wine that had been left out in the counter for a few days. Might just be that I’m not a fan of the grape but I don’t think I’ll be ordering it again. Rosè all day for me.

Great Wine and Ever Greater Delivery Service

A case of Bubbly rose and red arrived with a few days, much to my surprise and delight.
The bubbly is so close to the “real thing” and makes dining and snacking a real pleasure.

One thing I really missed about going on the wagon, was red wine, cheese, and bread.

Now with this red, the feeling of “loss” is not as acute as before. I can really enjoy red wine, cheese, and “pan” or bread again.

Sapiens is much appreciated in our house.

Amazing- make more!

This is delicious and is my go to to feel like part of the group. Wish it was not so expensive!

From doubtful to a huge fan

I thought this would be something similar to juice but the flavor blew me away. It tastes just like alcoholic rosé! This will be a staple in my house now. Thank you!


A non alcoholic wine that actually tastes like WINE! I love it :) The perfect addition to my Dry January cleanse!

So good

Really. It is as good as everyone says.

Great substitute

I was pleasantly surprised by this wine. Good flavor and not sweet. Tiny bit of a bitter aftertaste but that won’t stop me from ordering again.

Yummy Rose

This rose is delicious! It’s my favorite I’ve tried so far! I really enjoy it!

The sparkling rose was fun

My friend and I drank the sparkling rose at sunset on the beach. Maybe it was the atmosphere and the company, but the rose was pretty good! I tried the red later that weekend, at home, and I didn't find it as good. It was hoping for more of a cab smoothness, but it was too light and was too juice-like for my tastes. Glad I tried them both, though!