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Dealcoholized Red
Patricia Gallagher

Out of all the dealcoholized red wines I had this is by far the best, however at $38.00 a bottle plus shipping it is very expensive. Not something I can drink on a regular basis. I'm used to paying around $15-20 a bottle for real wine.

Too sweet

Too many carbs

Dealcoholized Red
Ashleigh Pielmeier
Not like a dry red

I was really hoping this would taste like a dry red but it sort of just tasted like kombucha to me. It wasn't terrible but it wasn't what I was wanting


I was impressed by the taste, bubbles and overall profile of the sparkling rose, very similar to champagne. One glass was enough because it becomes a little too sweet with more than one. Still nice to have something to toast with while pregnant

Best NA Rosé on planet earth 🌎

Really great Rosé, next step has to be the rosé in a slim single serving can PLEASE 🙏🏾

Dealcoholized Sparkling Rosé
Andrea Blanco Redondo
Very enjoyable sparkling rosé

I loved this wine. The taste is semi sweet and delicate. You almost forget you are drinking 0.0% wine. The only downside is that it is quite expensive… especially when you add taxes and shipping.

Mixed Pack
Susan Sasek
Would love to try it

I shipped this to my pregnant daughter in law. Her Fedex service is awful. The first package was returned, the second was mis delivered and we are trying to find it. Sapiens went out of their way to help and we are hoping to find the package soon and try the contents

Very good. I will purchase again.

If you like wine but don’t want the alcohol this is for you. I drink mine in a pretty wine glass at cocktail hour and I’m completely satisfied!

Very refreshing and tasty

Excellent product and enjoyed the Rose! I will buy again. Even my husband who drinks alcohol said he enjoyed it. The best is no hangover.


This made me so happy as a pregnant woman!!!

Dealcoholized Sparkling Rosé Mini

Mixed Pack
Janine Haley
Half and half

Red: not good
Sparkling rose: great!!

Dealcoholized Red
michele jensen
Real wine taste!

Super surprised. Not sweet. Thoroughly enjoyed.

It is pretty good

Mixed Pack
Danielle Vernon

Mixed Pack

Finally! I Sparkling Rose that tastes like the real thing!

Love the taste, the smell, the bubbles! Will buy again. It is a winner!

Their rose is better

Love their rose, the red wine is too watery for me


I have tried many sparkling NA wines. This one is my favorite. I just got my second case.

It's not bad

I would say I might reorder. Definaty not the grape juice taste like some other "wines"

Mixed Pack
Sarah Burns
Sparkling for the win!

I'm a midwife so I was very excited to discover Sapiens both for my on-call self, and for my pregnant clients. This is such a delicious option that leaves you feeling that treat yourself vibe you expect from bubbly without any of the risks of drinking. I will definitely be ordering more!

Dealcoholized Sparkling Rosé Mini

Nice surprise!

Product tastes great! Very refreshing. The customer service was superb as well! The company reached out and thanked me for my purchase. I requested the shipment be expedited so I could take it on vacation. It arrived two days before we left. Will buy again. ❤️❤️

Party Bundle
Donna Levy
Best Alcohol Free Wine

I have been alcohol free for over three years. I was a huge red wine lover. Hadn’t found a decent non-alcoholic replacement until Sapiens. I totally enjoyed the sparkling rose, but was more than pleasantly surprised with the red. I was prepared
For the flat, grape juice taste. Nope!

Mixed Pack
Alexa Ackerman

Both flavors are ok. Not the best, not the worst. Definitely way over priced… worth the try, but will not purchase again.


I have searched everywhere for a wine that actually tastes like wine…this is IT!! I am 7 mo pregnant and it’s impossible to find anything decent with 0.0% abv that I feel comfortable drinking. This wine makes me so happy :) Especially during these summer months when everyone is enjoying a glass! It’s definitely pricey, but I will buy again.