No. 7- Sarah Steward, The Sober Nutritionist

No. 7- Sarah Steward, The Sober Nutritionist

What’s your occupation?

I am a Holistic Health Practitioner & Educator.

What are your hobbies?

Painting, Drawing, Decluttering, Wildlife Watching, and Traveling.

What’s a quote you live by?

Your Focus Determines Your Reality

What’s your favorite way to celebrate?

 Ah, I have a few! My favorite ways to celebrate are creating nutrient-dense dishes (sweet & savory) for my family, going to the movies, spending time with my loved ones, sightseeing, hiking, and indulging in some vegan baked goods!

 What inspired your recovery journey?

I wanted to live life in the most authentic way possible, which for me meant experiencing every part of life fully, even the hardest things, without a mind-altering substance.

What’s the typical response people have when you tell them you don’t drink?

The majority of people don’t really know how to respond it seems, they will say “oh”, and you can immediately feel a shift in their demeanor. However, there have been many others who are genuinely curious and open to hearing more about the decision to live a sober life.

The most unique thing someone has said to you after you told them you don’t drink? 

 I’d like to be part of your sober community. 

How has your life changed since your decision to go alcohol-free?

At times it can be isolating, but many positive results surface after pursuing sobriety. Over 10 years into my sobriety and I have learned a lot about life and people. I don’t regret for a moment experiencing life this way, unadulterated. At first, I felt ostracized by friends and family. Losing was part of this journey but I gained so much more in the process. While hurt by some responses to my decision I realized this is MY journey. I wasn't honoring myself by associating with alcohol. I wasn't an alcoholic, but found myself in environments where it was accepted and used as a social tool, a way to connect, build camaraderie. It felt very artificial to me... I wanted to feel something real. 

My main issues stemmed from the toll medications were taking on my body; anything mixed with alcohol can contribute to further health issues. In order to manage and repair what had been damage had been done physically, I began supporting the natural detox process by eliminating substances that had mind-altering effects. After focusing on my mental and physical health I received more clarity about life, family, and friendships. Improved health came soon after especially digestion, skin, mental well-being, and overall outlook. 

I never have to worry about being inebriated, hungover, not fully present. I feel I am more equipped to make quick judgments and better decisions when challenges arise. Experiencing life and its challenges without the aid of a substance can be so hard, I know... but I believe everyone has that power in them. It isn't easy but it is worth everything.

There are very limited resources in most areas for those who are interested in pursuing total sobriety. Alcoholism is normalized more and more each day but each day my optimism grows because there's an amazing sober movement happening right now behind the scenes.

What's your go-to celebration drink when you’re able to make it yourself?

I love mixing club soda, with an antioxidant blend juice, pineapple juice with coconut water, or elderberry syrup, it's so delicious and contains health benefits! I also enjoy smoothies and I love Root Beer floats!

What do you drink at social gatherings?

Whatever is available that is non-alcoholic, usually water with lemon unless there is a specialty drink, tea or homemade punch.

How do you feel when you can’t find a drink you like?

It doesn’t bother me, I usually drink Lemon Water when out. Options seem to be expanding frequently everywhere and people are very accommodating if you want to make adjustments to drinks. 

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