No. 4 - The Mind Behind @soberbrowngirls, Kirstin Walker

No. 4 - The Mind Behind @soberbrowngirls, Kirstin Walker


I'm a buyer for a major electric company. 


I'm a new plant mama so right now I'm completely wrapped up in my babies and making sure they thrive. In my downtime I also love to color, it's so soothing and it helps me be creative. 


"Nature has never created a storm that doesn't end!"- Dr. Wayne Dyer


To celebrate I love to lay low and relax. I'm an unapologetic introvert and homebody. Anytime I'm relax, watching a movie, and having a delicious snack I'm truly happy! 


I was simply tired of waking up every morning disappointed in myself. I was tired of feeling bad both physically and mentally.

(A typical response to her sobriety is) “I'm sorry.” Deep inside I wanted to look at their cocktail, grab their hand and look lovingly into their eyes and say "no...sis, I'm sorry you're still poisoning yourself, but I refrained. 

I have to be mindful of how I handle anxious moments. In the past drinking was my way to escape and numb. I have to feel all the feelings now and really stop and assess situations as they arise. I'm learning to stop, breathe, and be present. I devote more time to self-care. I take time out to pamper and nourish myself without guilt. I read more and retain the information better. I have rekindled my love of writing. Physically I am less bloated, I have zero joint pain, my eyes are brighter, my skin is softer, and I have less panic attacks. 

I LOVE making NA Beer Margarita. I've got to lock down the measurements to share with everyone but basically it's the razzle dazzle of margarita mix, non-alcoholic beer, lime juice, and a sprinkle of salt. It's so good, even my friends that drink appreciate it. 

Generally sparkling water. If I know I'm going to a function I try to bring something with me, I want something more than a Pepsi! 

(When there aren’t sophisticated NA options) I feel left out., I feel forgotten and unseen. It's my hope that more restaurants begin beefing up their mocktail offerings because sober folks are here to stay! 

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