No. 3 - Tawny Lara: The Sober Sexpert

No. 3 - Tawny Lara: The Sober Sexpert

Tawny Lara is a writer, podcaster, and public speaker. She kicked off her 30th year of life by giving herself the gift of sobriety. After, she went on to start blogging about “all things sobriety, sex, and rock n roll”. Four and a half years later, and she’s still going strong, inspiring, and uplifting her audience. In her most recent blog, she actually talks about how she poured out and *smashed* her last bottle of Jack Daniels. In short, she’s a rockstar.  

Since Tawny’s decision to go alcohol-free, “EVERYTHING GOT BETTER. I'm making more money, I have better relationships with loved ones and with myself. My mental and physical health improved. I could go on. Of course, it's not rosy all the time, but for the most part, life has exponentially improved.”.  Sobriety is positive! Is this statement a suggestion that everyone should be sober? Absolutely not. However, not too many people have said they’re lives got worse without alcohol.

Her celebration drinks of choice include non-alcoholic beers and wines. Unfortunately, such options aren’t always readily available at restaurants, bars, and clubs, etcetera. “(I’m) ANNOYED. Seriously so livid. When bars and restaurants don't think to provide interesting NA drink options, they're missing out on a HUGE population. Lots of folks don't drink alcohol and when there are no cool drinks to order, the establishment is actually losing money.”

Tawny is the antithesis of the stigma that you can’t have fun while sober. Yet for some reason, When she talks about her sobriety, she’s often met with responses like “Why not?!” and “Well, what do you do for fun, then?. Such responses spark a much larger conversation. Why is ‘fun’ synonymous with ‘drinking alcohol’? Why is it inconceivable that there’s an entire population of people who live life to the fullest without drinking? Is it as crazy some people make it seem? Or is alcohol consumption normalized to a fault?

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